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• Lays out, inspects, assembles, installs, troubleshoots, repairs and maintains (including programming, calibration and preventive/predictive maintenance) electrical fixtures, apparatus, control equipment and wiring for industrial electrical systems, as well as equipment and systems such as motors, generators, distribution equipment systems, wiring systems, lighting systems, motor drives, stand-by power systems, instrumentation, communication, security, renewable energy and energy storage systems. • Plans installations from blueprints, sketches and specifications and installs all electrical and Electronic devices • Systematically diagnoses faults in electrical and electronic systems and equipment and repairs or replaces electrical and electronic components as required • Measures, cuts, threads, bends, assembles and installs conduits and other electrical conductor raceways • Splices and terminates electrical conductors • Tests electrical and electronic equipment for proper function

Job Details

Job category : Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators and Related Occupations
Job Group : 720 Contractors and Supervisors, Industrial, Electrical and Construction Trades and Related Workers
Job Type : Contract
Min Salary : SR 2,000
Max Salary : SR 2,000
Max Exp : 20yrs
Languages : English
Location : Saudi Arabia
Required Qualification Years
1Trade work experience1 Years
Required Document Mandatory
1Reference LetterNo
Posted By Admin / 3 months ago

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