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DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1.Drive trucks with trailers to pick up and deliver various items and products 2.Professionalism in customer service 3.Receive and transmit information to the central dispatcher 4.Use road maps and other trip planning aids 5.Record trip information such as vehicle mileage, fuel cost and any problems encountered 6.Inspect trucks before, during and after the trip and monitor all aspects of the vehicles 7.Ensure the safety and security of the goods Requirements -Education: A high school diploma is required. -Experience: Experience is an asset. Training offered. 2- 3 years of experience -A class 5 driver's license is required. - (class 1) -Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Physically demanding, Work in a seated position, Repetitive tasks, Overtime required. -Personal qualities: Flexibility, Sense of organization, Reliable, Spirit of initiative, Precise. -Languages: English or French are required. (French is preferred)

Job Details

Job category : Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators and Related Occupations
Job Group : 751 Motor Vehicle and Transit Drivers
Job Type : Full Time
Min Salary : CAD 21
Max Salary : CAD 21
Max Exp : 20yrs
Languages : English
Location : Canada
Required Qualification Years
1Trade work experience2 Years
Required Document Mandatory
1Reference LetterNo
Posted By Admin / 3 months ago

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