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This unit group includes registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses. They provide direct nursing care to patients, deliver health education programs and provide consultative services regarding issues relevant to the practice of nursing. They are employed in a variety of settings including hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, rehabilitation centres, doctors' offices, clinics, community agencies, companies and private homes, or they may be self-employed. We are looking for candidates who are not currently employed by the Government of Kenya either at the County Government or National Government Level.

Job Details

Job category : Health Occupations
Job Group : 301 Professional Occupations in Nursing
Job Type : Contract
Min Salary : GBP 20,330
Max Salary : GBP 21,777
Max Exp : 20yrs
Languages : English
Location : Canada
Required Qualification Years
Required Document Mandatory
1KCSE CertificateYes
2Nursing Council of Kenya Registration CardYes
3Nursing Diploma or DegreeYes
4IETLS ResultsYes
5CBT ResultsYes
6Certificate of Good ConductYes
Posted By Admin / 3 months ago

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